Jake Reeve - July 2019

Just passed my test, and I’m glad to say that I had the amazing instructor Andy to help me with everything I needed. He is a great instructor and made me feel at ease all time. Glad I had him. Thanks Andy

Darren Bloomfield - July 2019

I just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of my daughter Sophie who passed her test yesterday on the 10th of July . Thank you Mags for taking Sophie on as no other company would help out like you did in regard to fitting her in and where we live . Also Andy the driving instructor was absolutely brilliant 10/10 thank you all again we are over the moon !

Sophie Bloomfield - July 2019

Andy was such an amazing instructor, even though it took me a few tries to pass my theory, as soon as I passed it was time to carry on driving and each lesson we went over things I found difficult, he made sure not to rush anything and wait until I completely understand what I’m doing as I’m a slow learner. We had such funny conversations and I kept Andy updated with my life story every lesson! Definitely wouldn’t of asked for a better instructor, some days I wore my pyjamas and just got out of bed but still managed to go for the morning drive!! Can’t believe Andy has put up with me for so long even my dads so thankful for what he’s made me achieve. For anyone who has Andy for an instructor count yourself self lucky such a good teacher and understands the speed of your learning.

Thank you so much again Sophie (and dad as well)

Sarah Everett - June 2019

I can’t recommend Signal Driving School enough! I was really nervous about learning to drive but Simon is great at making you feel more relaxed and is very very patient! Driving definitely didn’t come naturally to me, but somehow he managed to get me to pass first time which I never ever thought I’d be able to do! Even though I’m glad it’s over I will definitely miss my lessons!  Thank you Simon!!

Evie Masini - March 2019

My name is Evie, and i have been learning with Colin in automatic for about a year now.
Colin was always calm, patient, he’s funny,cheerful although he always managed to stay professional.
He was an amazing instructor and thanks to him i’ve just passed my driving test.
Would recommend him to anyone, especially anxious people like me.

Can’t thank you enough Colin!


Taught by Simon who was a great instructor and helped me to pass first time. Made it easy to learn and would highly recommend signal driving school.

Katie stray

Simon is a great instructor and very helpful,you constantly feel safe when your driving and he’s great with helping build your confidence levels with driving,couldn’t recommend him more.

Review from Diwura

After taking a good number of driving lessons with another driving school for a year, I realised that I wasn’t making much progress with building my confidence and that I was not getting the level of support I desired. I started to search for another instructor and found Signal Driving School.
I must say that the response and follow up was superb and I commenced my lessons in no time with Simon, who turned out to be an excellent instructor. With each lesson, he left no stone unturned and ensured that I dropped bad habits picked up from previous lessons, improved my manoeuvring skills and generally made me feel comfortable whilst driving.
I can honestly say that I will be recommending Signal driving school to any potential learners I know, as the instructors are incredibly commited to giving excellent instruction with adequate feedback and encouragement.
I’d learn how to drive all over again just to crack silly jokes with Simon in the car. Well done Simon…and Signal!

Review from Ella Watson

After having a bad experience with another driving school I booked over the phone with Signal and was given Simon as an instructor. From the word go he made me feel relaxed and calmed my initial nerves. Always punctual and always remembering what I needed to work on for the following week. Simon is a great instructor he helped me build my confidence back up and made me into a brilliant driver that passed with only two minors. I honestly can’t thank Simon enough for putting up with me, if your looking for an instructor he is your man! He has the correct level of humour and wit balanced with great driving skills and a calming manor. Once again thank you to all at signal!

Review from Lucy Miller

Passed first time thanks to Simon and his great teaching. A calm, reliable and reassuring instructor, who also manages to have a laugh and be an agony aunt as well. I would recommend Signal to any first time drivers.

Review from Heather

I would thoroughly recommend Simon as a driving instructor as he makes you feel relaxed and makes the lesson fun; whilst giving helpful tips to make maneuvers easier! Thanks for making sure I passed, even if it was second time!!


Learning with signal was enjoyable, educational and just great, from learning with other companies previous I found signal to be the better driving school, I would highly recommend it to all my friends, I really looked forward to my lessons each time they came around, the instructor was calm,complimentary, and a real laugh, I felt so at ease during the lessons, I appreciated the way each manoeuvre was explained, and how each time the manoeuvre was practised I was giving, positive feedback, along with how to improve it next time (EG look here, turn at this point). The price for each lesson was very reasonable too compared with other driving schools I’d previously inquired of. So it was a great feeling that after learning with signal I passed first time with only 4 minors.

Michelle Lamden

Simon is the best driving instructor that you will ever have! Passed first time heavily pregnant! Loved hearing his funny stories! Enjoy top hoots and learn to drive! Brilliant driving school!

Kelly Godfrey

Hey, I passed my test today with Andy. He is a brilliant instructor and has the patience of a saint. I highly suggest to recommend him as he puts you at ease and is always making funny jokes thanks Andy for making sure I passed.

Emily Folan

Simon taught me to drive several years ago, he was such a great instructor that I recommended him to my husband Martin. Martin passed his driving test this week! Thanks Simon for your calm, patient approach and for being a good laugh!

Rachel Brown

Simon is cool he mad me laugh and so relaxed when he taught me and im now working so i can do my theory test now simon lol and i will pass my test too i still have ur number so i will let u know i loved driving the mini too very smooth and comfy to drive i just love minis 🙂 colin is very nice aswell and funny too all very nice people 🙂

Samantha Hopkins

Signal were an amazing school to learn to drive with. Simon was awesome and to pass first time was the best feeling. The mini is a great car to learn in and I would recommend Signal to anyone. I tried a different school beforehand but there is really no competition in my eyes.

Melanie Golding

I learnt to drive with Signal driving school two years ago and passed first time. Simon was very patient and put me at ease straight away. I even mastered hill starts eventually ! Would recommend to all.

Shelly Clark

Amazing teachers – very patient!