Driving School Waddon

Driving Lessons in Waddon with an experienced Driving Instructor

Waddon’s location is ideal for learner drivers to practise. With the local residential areas there are plenty of wide, quiet roads for your Driving School Instructor to start a complete beginner driver. With driving lesson plans like the controls and moving off and stopping lessons, you’ll be able to learn and develop your driving skills without the pressure of other road users getting in your way.

Local Driving Instructor in Waddon

Our driving instructors have excellent local knowledge of the Waddon area and are able to guide their students enabling them to easily negotiate the local roads in Waddon. Your driving lesson plans will be structured around your individual needs. With Croydon Town Centre on the doorstep, and Sutton Town Centre only a short drive away; there is a lot of driving to be had and experience gained.

With a number of schools around Waddon, there is ample opportunity to learn to drive and develop your skills for anticipating and planning ahead. You will need to look out for children that might run out into the road, maybe trying to catch that bus. You will learn to identify the bus ahead early and anticipating whether it is going to pull over at the next bus stop. After this you will need to be on the lookout for run outs, knowing the time of day, expecting children and parents to be around.

On your Driving Lessons in Waddon your Signal Driving Instructor will have plenty of opportunity to teach you the skills needed to bay park. With Purley Way only five minutes away there are a number of car parks to safely practise your reversing driving skills. You will need to demonstrate to the examiner on your practical driving test that you can control the car whilst making safety observation checks. Once you have passed, you will confidently be able to pop to the shops and have no stress about parking in the bays.

All our Driving Instructors in Waddon are CRB checked and registered with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).