Driving School Shirley

Driving Lessons in Shirley with an experienced Driving Instructor

Shirley is a great area to learn to drive. Our driving schools experienced and local driving instructors know the ideal roads to start a complete beginner for your moving off and stopping lesson plans. Here you will be able to learn and develop your driving skills without the pressure of other road users getting in your way.

On your driving lesson plans will be structured to your individual needs. Once you have gained a good level of confidence of handling the car, your driving instructor will be able to introduce you to driver lesson plans like emerging and approaching junctions. Driving Lessons in Shirley are usually taken around Devonshire Way or Shirley Way. Once you have shown the level of skills needed to control the car safely and understand the routines on the side roads, your driving instructor will be able to guide you onto busier roads like Wickham Road.

Local Driver Instructor in Shirley

Our driving instructors have excellent local knowledge of the Shirley area and are able to guide their students enabling them to easily negotiate the local roads in Shirley. The more experienced learner driver can adapt their newly acquired skills to negotiating local Roundabouts, like the ones on Shirley Road(A232) heading towards Croydon Town Centre, South Norwood or to New Addington. This two and three lane road is only a 30mph speed limit as there are no road signs to indicate otherwise.

Our driving schools instructors will be able to guide you through other roundabouts such as the roundabout from Gravel Hill A212 leading to the Kent Gateway. Even taking the first exit here can be tricky, as not only do you need to look out for traffic joining or already on the roundabout, you will need to watch out for vehicles joining the roundabout from the petrol station.

If you are a learner driver trying to pass your driving test, or an experienced driver looking for refresher parking skills our driving instructors will be able teach you how to safely control your car, whilst making safety checks on all the reversing exercises. There are a large number of side streets with double parked vehicles in and around Shirley to learn how to confidently parallel park between two vehicles.

All our Driving Instructors in Shirley are CRB checked and registered with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).