Driving Lessons in Selsdon with an experienced Driving Instructor
Selsdon is a great place for learning to drive. Our driving school’s experienced and local driving instructors know the ideal roads to start a complete beginner driver. From your moving and stopping driving lesson plans, where you’ll be able to learn and develop your driving skills without the pressure of other road users getting in your way. 
Once you have achieved a good level of controlling the vehicle your driving instructor will be able to guide you from the quieter side roads to confidently negotiating busier main roads. On Addington Road, with the High Street there is usually a lot of activity. This is ideal for driving lesson plans such as; pedestrian crossings or anticipation, awareness and planning. There are always cars pulling out from the parking spaces or pedestrians running or sometimes slowly walking across the road not always using the traffic controlled crossings. 
Local Driving Instructor in Selsdon
Our driving instructors have excellent local knowledge of the Selsdon area and are able to guide their students enabling them to easily negotiate the local roads in Selsdon. With Selsdon’s location learner drivers can gain experience of dual carriageway driving along Gravel Hill towards Croydon Town Centre. Your driving instructor can introduce you to some of the one-way systems or busy roundabouts. By the time you take your practical driving test you will confidently be able to drive from the Selsdon side streets to destinations like East Croydon Train Station without any fear. 
The more experienced learner driver will be able to drive along Old Farleigh Road heading towards Featherbed Lane. Here you can learn how to deal with meeting traffic in the tight bendy lanes. The trick here is to plan ahead expecting another vehicle to be approaching towards you from a blind bend. Treat a blind bend like any other hazard; check your mirrors, slow down and be ready to stop!
Whilst taking your driving lessons in Selsdon with Signal, our driving instructors are spoilt with roads in which to teach you the skills needed for the reverse parking driving exercises. These will need to be demonstrated on your practical driving test. They include; parallel parking, left reversing round the corner, turn in the road and bay parking.
Our driving schools instructors share the same tips for reference points to make your learning easier and less stressful. 
All our Driving Instructors in Selsdon are CRB checked and registered with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency). 
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