Driving School in Carshalton

Driving Lessons in Carshalton with an experienced Driving Instructor

Carshalton is a great area to learn to drive with Signal Driving School. With our experienced driving instructors living locally they know the layout of the roads and will know the perfect road to start the moving off and stopping lessons. This will give a complete beginner driver a chance to practice the basic handling of the vehicle, whilst learning to drive on nursery routes (quiet roads). They can then gradually work their way up to learning to drive on major roads. There are plenty of wide roads around Carshalton which means the driving instructors at our driving school do not need to waste precious lesson time travelling to other areas to start your driving lessons.

Local Driving Instructor in Carshalton

Our driving instructors have excellent local knowledge of the Carshalton area and are able to guide their students enabling them to easily negotiate the local roads in Carshalton. When you have reached a confident level of driving, your driving instructor will be able to introduce you to driving lesson plans like pedestrian crossings. An ideal place for these driving lessons is driving around the Ponds, along the High Street A232 leading onto roads like West Street. On this 20mph road there are a number of zebra crossings and traffic controlled crossings. With the local Schools and Carshalton Train station you will learn drving skills of planning ahead and anticipation, looking for children that might run out or commuters rushing to catch their train.

Our driving schools instructors will teach you all the skills needed for the reverse driving exercises, showing you how to control the car whilst making safety observations. During your driving lessons in Carshalton there are a large number of different shaped junctions to practise the reversing around the corner exercise. There are also plenty of parked vehicles to learn how to parallel park. For the practical driving test you will be required to parallel park within two car lengths.

At Signal Driving School our driving instructors teach you to park within one car length so that you will be able to confidently park on busy streets once you have passed your practical driving test.

All our Driving Instructors in Carshalton are CRB checked and registered with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).